Analytical Product Evaluations

CARR CONSULTING agrees that precise and accurate analytical measures are the foundation of a successful research program. The development of valid analytical methods involves more than just buying the right instrument. We appreciate the demands placed on analytical scientists to take advantage of newly emerging technologies, while dealing with the complexities that result from an ever-changing set of sample matrices. CARR CONSULTING has a proven track record using statistical designs to rapidly optimize the performance characteristics of your new methods. Whether your goal is to:
CARR CONSULTING will work with you to identify and set ranges on parameters that affect the performance of your methods to keep them within their specification limits.

Once a method has been developed, CARR CONSULTING will help you assess its precision, accuracy, sensitivity, and selectivity with highly focused and economical method-validation designs. The "validity" of an analytical method is a function of its performance characteristics and the needs of the application. Like you do not need a sledgehammer to kill a fly, you do not need Thermal Gravimetric Analysis to measure moisture. CARR CONSULTING'S approach to method validation yields the information you need to select the analytical method that provides the best match of sophistication with intended purpose.

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