Consumer Research

CARR CONSULTING recognizes long-term market success combines a highly desirable concept with a product that delivers on concept expectations. CARR CONSULTING will work with you early in the development cycle to identify concept components with the most utility and believability among your target consumers. Our statistically designed approaches provide you with the information needed to offer the greatest possible consumer-driven impact. In many cases, product positionings used by your key competitors can be "built-into" a single concept optimization design to compare your concept performance to your competitors' without running a separate study for each comparison. CARR CONSULTING uses economical, highly flexible, designs that give the broadest coverage of your concept space with the smallest possible commitment of testing resources.

CARR CONSULTING will also work with you to systematically consumer test products:
Consumer input indicates which product parameters, under direct control of your developers, need to be changed and by how much. CARR CONSULTING provides you with an actionable link between product characteristics under the direct control of your developers and the ultimate measure of product quality - consumer acceptance.

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