Formula/Process/Package Development

A product is a complex combination of formula, process and package. Through the use of statistically designed experiments and rigorous data analysis of techniques, CARR CONSULTING can help you rapidly uncover the driving forces in this complex system. Designed experiments can be used to:
CARR CONSULTING can design experiments to study formula, process, or package separately or combined, which is particularly important in situations where formula, process, and package effects interact with each other.

CARR CONSULTING uses the most sensitive, yet economical, experimental designs to identify the high-impact variables in your product systems. We know that the 80:20 rule applies in product development, so screening studies are desgned to use minimal sample preparation and evaluation resources to uncover important product variables. As a result, the bulk of your development resources can be applied to later phases of the development cycle, where more effort is needed to affect important smaller changes to make for a truly high-quality product. CARR CONSULTING can help in these later phases using a full array of multi-variable designs, including both factorial and response-surface experiments, that allow you to continue to take advantage of the economies offered by statistically designed experiments, even in the final, complex stages of the product development process.

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