Manufacturing/QC Support

Success in manufacturing is more than just units out the door. To stay competitive, your production processes must continuously improve and maintain an exceptional degree of conformance to your quality standards. To excel, you must be better and faster than your competitors. CARR CONSULTING has more than a decade's experience designing in-plant process improvement studies for:
We have practical experience designing process characterization studies that quickly identify parameters with the greatest impact on your intermediate and final products. CARR CONSULTING will work with you to optimize unit process performance and achieve the best compromise among cost, throughput, and uniformity. The most up-to-date factor screening designs and response surface techniques efficiently target important process variables and their optimal settings, often without having to take your process off-line.

Quality cannot be inspected into a product. To be successful, production and quality control staffs must work together to ensure your high quality standards are consistently met without excess expenditure of valuable manufacturing resources. CARR CONSULTING will work with you to integrate your quality control systems into your production processes. Time proven techniques of Statistical Process Control quickly and economically identify when your processes have drifted out of control, so your operators can correct the situation before your product goes out of specification. Waiting for final inspection to tell you a product is no good is too late. CARR CONSULTING will work with you to move the quality control points far enough up-stream to catch a bad situation before it turns into a bad product.

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